Distribution of The Truth About Drugs booklets is supported across the globe by law enforcement agencies, many of them partnering with the Foundation for a Drug-Free World on local events, activities and educational programs.


As a law enforcement professional you understand the correlation between drug abuse and crime better than most in our society. But how do you prevent people, especially our young people, from using drugs in the first place?

That’s where we can help.

We will arm you with the exact program to educate youth on the adverse effects of drugs before they start. No hype, no scare tactics, no preaching—just factual information to enable them to make the correct decisions regarding drugs.

Here is what law enforcement officials have to say about the program:

“The Truth About Drugs package was awesome. The booklets have been distributed to all fifty schools in the area. The DVD has been shown to Grade Six and up to Grade Twelve and has been met with very positive response. The teachers have loved the conversations which the DVD have sparked. I can’t remember a presentation that kept students’ attention so intently. I think it informed them as well as hit home. If you can send me a second DVD, I can give it to my counterpart in the north end of the city for her to distribute. It is very, very informative and impacting.”
BL, Sheriff/Police Chief, Canada

“The videos were a valuable addition to the drug lessons. The students now understand how drugs can ruin the lives of people from similar backgrounds to theirs. I’ve found that the stories of the individuals highlighted in the videos was more credible than me telling the students about someone whose life was ruined by drug use or how sick one could get after using the drug. After the first class using the videos I asked the students if they preferred a lecture or the videos…they were very excited to hear that they would be watching similar videos for the duration of the drug lectures.”
CF, Sheriff's Deputy/Police Officer, New Jersey

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