| ALABAMA, USA | DECEMBER 22, 2017 |

Shelby County Gets the Truth About Drugs

When Jan Corbett reached retirement, she found her real passion—protecting youth from the devastation of drug and alcohol abuse.

Jan Corbett (top right) brought the Truth About Drugs to the Shelby County Drug Free Coalition (main photo) and they have reached over 5,000 youth with the materials.

Shelby County, Alabama, is just like other counties throughout the country in that we are fighting a battle against substance abuse and addiction, and too many kids are dying,” says Jan Corbett, Coordinator for the Shelby County Drug Free Coalition.

Growing up, she saw the devastating effects of alcoholism on her own family. When she retired after 31 years of teaching, she decided she would devote herself full-time to drug prevention.

“I can’t sit at home,” she says. “My passion is to help other kids to not have to go through what I went through.”

While usage rates hold steady in Shelby, perception of harm from alcohol and marijuana has greatly decreased among the youth, adding urgency to efforts to educate them on these as well as the other drugs of choice: heroin, synthetics, prescription drugs and kratom.

So far, their coalition has reached over 235,000 with presentations in schools, parent summits, health classes, peer-helping classes, social media, and at churches and community events. During one Red Ribbon Week—the week in October dedicated to drug prevention in the US—they made presentations in 16 schools, educating 14,300 students and distributing 18,690 educational items.

“The students’ perception is that these drugs are not harmful. But when we can teach them about the negative effects of these drugs we have accomplished a lot.”

Corbett introduced her coalition, and thus Shelby County, to the Truth About Drugs. “Shelby County loves the kit because the resources are perfect for teaching kids the facts about these drugs! The students’ perception is that these drugs are not harmful. But when we can teach them about the negative effects of these drugs we have accomplished a lot.”

Her industrious devotion to the youth hasn’t gone unnoticed. The county’s Assistant District Attorney recently presented her with a plaque for “Selfless Dedication to the Families in Shelby County.”

Corbett was surprised. “I work very hard and don’t expect any recognition. I’m passionate about making a positive difference.”


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